Putting standards into practice in the construction of latrines in certain health zones in Kasaï Central


Kananga, September 11th, 2022 (CPA).- The provincial coordinator of Environment and Sustainable Development for Kasaï Central, Théodore Mukendi Mulumba, said he was satisfied with the good practices observed by a large part of the population of the health zones. of Bumbonde, Dibaya and Luiza in the use of clean latrines, during an interview last Thursday with CPA in its office in Kananga. This observation, it is said, stems from a recent evaluation mission of the « FEDAL » Project in these health entities where the inhabitants have undertaken to build public latrines to avoid various diseases linked to air defection. Addressed during this interview, the titular nurses of certain health zones confirmed the reduction in diarrheal diseases, typhoid fever and intestinal worms, indicated Théodore Mukendi.