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Public service: 4406 civil servants including 37 retired general secretaries

Kinshasa, September 21st, 2022 (CPA).- The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Civil Service, Modernization of Administration and Innovation of Public Services, Jean-Pierre Lihau, announced the retirement of 4,406 civil servants, including 37 General Secretaries, during a conference press conference he hosted on Monday, in his office in Kinshasa.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Lihau, this retirement is part of the reform of the Public Administration which aims in particular to rejuvenate it.

Among these retirees are 319 directors, 367 division heads, 594 office managers and 600 office assistants from the administrations of different provinces of the country.

“The operation launched is in line with the inclusive option of public administration reforms and the settlement of the dispute relating to the retirement of 377 agents of the financial authorities and the National Institute of Statistics as well as disputes affecting retired agents not yet beneficiaries of their end-of-career indemnities,” said Jean-Pierre Lihau.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stressed that this first wave of retirement comes after the signing of ordinances by the President of the Republic, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, essentially concerning the General Secretaries of the Public Administration and the agents who have reached or exceeded seventy years of age.

Arrangements already made for end-of-career allowances

With regard to the payment of end-of-career allowances, Jean-Pierre Lihau reassured that « all the administrative and financial provisions are being finalized, to allow each beneficiary of the above-mentioned retirement acts to enter, in the best deadlines, in possession of all the advantages to which he is entitled, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in the matter”.

This payment, he said, will be made, for each retired agent, in the bank account where he receives his base salary.

For him, this process is irreversible and its fluidity will make it possible to rejuvenate the Public Administration with the recruitment of the most deserving and competent young people, by putting an end to the system of privileges.

“We are therefore engaged in a process that aims to demystify retirement, moving it from a miraculous process to an act of normal management, which must take place regularly, each year, thanks to the financial means granted by the government, both in its budget, only through the support of its partners,” he said.

Finally, referring to the promotion, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Public Service promised that it will be done without discrimination, in a rational and meritocratic manner, in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in the matter.

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