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Head of State Felix Tshisekedi calls for climate justice in favour of less polluting countries

Kinshasa, September 21nd, 2022 (CPA) – The Head of State Felix Tshisekedi, in his speech delivered on Wednesday at the podium of the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, called for climate justice in favour of less polluting countries.

It is time, he said in particular, to « compensate, in the name of climate justice, the efforts made by less polluting countries, including those in Africa, to preserve the environment, in the interest of our entire planet », demanding to put an end to the selective execution of the commitments made by the polluting countries.

The President of the Republic also maintained, speaking of the energy transition, that « Africa has enough renewable energy sources and raw materials likely to contribute to the mobilization of credible alternatives to the double energy crisis and ecological”.

DRC among the main producers of strategic minerals

In this specific context, President Felix Tshisekedi noted, in his speech, the privileged position of his country which has a great role to play in favour of the energy transition.

« It is important to note that the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the main producers of strategic minerals essential to the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the transport sector, including in particular Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel and Manganese », he specified.

Also, he called for an end to the infernal cycle of violence in eastern DRC, in order to derive the greatest benefit from its economic potential as well as its rich biodiversity.

And for greater efficiency, DRC has decided to develop its potential in terms of renewable energies, including hydroelectricity, photovoltaic solar energy, geothermal energy and the exploitation of its gas fields, in order to support, in particular, the green transformation program economies on the African continent, announced the Congolese President.

Finally, the Congolese Head of State maintained, in response to those who suspect his country of having a tendency to violate the environmental standards in force, that  » DRC will achieve its economic and social objectives by preserving its forests and continuing to remain the solution country for the fight against global warming”.

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