Vidiye Tshimanga placed under provisional arrest warrant and taken to Makala central prison


Kinshasa, September 21nd, 2022 (CPA) – The former special adviser to the Head of State on strategic issues, Vidiye Tshimanga was placed on Wednesday under a provisional arrest warrant, after more than 7 hours of hearing at the General Public Prosecutor’s Office at Kinshasa/Gombe Court of Appeal.

The latter was taken to Makala central prison. He is accused of facts likely to prevent corruption, following the broadcast of a video, showing him in his capacity as special adviser to the President of the Republic in the process of offering his services to pseudo investors, for the acquisition of mining licenses in DRC.

According to him, this is a crude montage and slander that undermined his dignity and that of the Head of State. Faced with the outcry caused by this scandal, Vidiye Tshimanga presented his resignation to the Head of State, following this affair.