“By pass” road in its section located between Masangambila and Cite verte sanitized


Kinshasa, September 26th, 2022 (CPA).- The Municipal Youth Council of Mont-Ngafula municipality, in synergy with the sanitation brigade of this municipality, carried out on Saturday, the sanitation works of the « By pass » road in its section located between Masangambila district and Cite verte, in order to respond to and support the « Kinshasa bopeto » operation initiated by the governor of Kinshasa city, Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka.

The remediation work consisted, among other things, of sand removal from the roadway; the manual cleaning of the gutters as well as the evacuation of the piled up rubbish and their transport to the erosive sites.

For the vice-president of municipal youth, Eli Alim Mbenga, the objective was to make the population see the importance of sanitation work. “Sanitation is a factor of development and dignity for every human being. This is the reason why we wanted to give a strong hand to the sanitation brigade of our municipality, while raising their awareness of the notions of public hygiene and the protection of the environment », he said.

As a reminder, the municipality of Mont Ngafula occupies the third place in the city-province of Kinshasa by its area which is 359 km2, for a population estimated at 3,777,512 (three million seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand five hundred and twelve) inhabitants thus 22% of the population of Kinshasa. An ideal reason for every dad, mom, young boy and girl in the municipality of Mont-Ngafula to play the role of environmental and sanitation ambassador, in order to influence other municipalities in the whole Kinshasa city.  ACP/KAF