The recent discoveries of traces of the Kongo kingdom, at the centre of a conference on Friday at IFK


Kinshasa, September 26th, 2022 (CPA).- Archaeologist Geoffroy Heimlich will host a conference on Friday September 30th at the French Institute of Kinshasa (IFK), on the theme: « Rock art of the Lovo massif », which takes stock on the most recent discoveries of traces of the Kongo kingdom, in Kongo Central province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), learned CPA on Monday from the sources of the monthly calendar of this cultural house.

The source specifies that this conference will focus on the traces of this fascinating ancient Kongo kingdom located today in DRC, which extends from Lovo massif, over an area of ​​430 km2 with its countless limestone promontories with spectacular relief, pierced with many caves and rock shelters.

“It is there, in the bed of the rivers, at the foot of the cliffs, in these shelters and even in the depths of the caves, that a forgotten civilization immortalized itself by drawing and engraving enigmatic geometric figures, associated with animals, characters, mythical beings part human and part animal,” the source says.

A doctor in archaeology and history, Geoffroy Heimlich is co-responsible for the « Lovo » archaeological mission and is currently a temporary teaching and research assistant in prehistory at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaures. ACP/KAF