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The CPA’s new CEO urges staff to restore the image of this public media

Kinshasa, september 28th 2022 (CPA).-The new chairman of the board of directors of the Congolese News Agency (CPA), Pr. Tharcisse Kasongo Muema Yamba-Yamba, urged the staff of this public media to work well done, to restore its image.

It was during the handover and recovery ceremony between the incoming and outgoing management committees, held on Tuesday, in the conference room of this public establishment, on avenue Tombalbaye, in the commune of Gombe.

For Pr. Tharcisse Kasongo Muema, the total success of the mandate of the new management team is linked to the work in synergy between its management committee and all the staff of the agency. This is why, he said, « everyone must assume their responsibilities and work in close collaboration with colleagues and the hierarchy for a better accomplishment of the mission assigned to the CPA ».

« The competence of the agents and executives of the CPA no longer needs to be demonstrated, but the only problem is to know under what conditions we will allow them to work, in order to succeed, in relation to the expectations of the Head of State… With the hard work of CPA staff, something good, beautiful and great will be built,” he added.

CPA, spearhead of the President of the Republic’s Program

The PCA took the opportunity to pay a deserved tribute to President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi for the choice of his person and the other members of the management committee.

« The confidence of the Head of State placed in us does not mean that he has disavowed the old team because there are new objectives that he wishes to achieve, especially in this election year », he revealed, before reassuring that the CPA will serve as the spearhead of the program of the President of the Republic.

For her part, the outgoing Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nicole Dimbambu Buanga, reiterated her thanks to the authorities for the confidence placed in the outgoing management committee, as well as in the CPA staff for support during their tenure.

She recalled that the outgoing Board of Directors had focused its vision on the modernization and restructuring of the CPA, which helped to restore the brand image of this public media.

Pr. Lambert Kaboyi welcomes the progress made under his mandate

 For his part, the outgoing Director General, Pr. Lambert Kaboyi, indicated that the vision of his management committee consisted in raising the CPA in tune with major international agencies, which is why he had focused his program on 3 points, namely investing in people, increasing research to improve the quality of production and restoring to the Congolese Press Agency its attributes as an official agency.

Pr. Lambert Kaboyi welcomed the efforts made during 4 years at the head of the Agency and which have made it possible to improve the social status of agents and executives, thanks to the signing of a salary scale specific to the Agency. , before urging his successor to continue the process regarding this.

Among the progress made, the former managing director cited in particular the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the physical daily bulletin; the real-time publication of information via the website; the publication of the results of the State Examination as well as the transformation of the ACP into a multimedia agency with a Youtube channel (CPA-TV).

For his part, the Secretary General for Communication and Media André Mutombo, representing the supervising Minister, said he was flattered by the calm and wisdom shown by the agents and executives of the CPA, inviting other organs of the media to follow this fine example. He encouraged all staff to work in synergy with the new committee, for the development of this public medium.

Ali Kalonga, one of the new administrators and former director general of the ACP, promised to put his expertise to work, for the take-off of this press house, with the support of the entire management team. “I’m sure the CPA agents are valiant fighters. Together, we will do a Titan’s job,” he said.

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, a presidential ordinance read in the evening in Kinshasa, on the antennas of the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC), announced the appointment at the head of the Congolese Press Agency (CPA), of a new committee management composed of: Tharcisse Kasongo Mwemba Yamba Yamba, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Bienvenu-Marie Bakumanya, Managing Director, and Jean-Médard Liwoso as Deputy Managing Director, we recall. ACP/Kayu/HBB/KAI

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