Provincial Assembly of Lualaba: the September session devoted to the examination of the edict of finances for the financial year 2023


Kolwezi, October 2nd, 2022(CPA). – The Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Lualaba, Louis Kamwenyi, indicated last Friday at the opening of the ordinary session of September that it will be devoted in priority to the examination and the adoption of the finance edict for the 2023 financial year.

He, on this occasion, called on the provincial deputies to sacrifice and have a sense of responsibility to examine the budget for the 2023 financial year without complacency, while stressing that it defines the major choices of public policies.

For Louis Kamwenyi, the 2023 budget exercise must place particular emphasis on the social component in order to support and materialize the vision of President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo. To this end, he urged the deputies to examine this budget in relation to the social context and its effects on the lives of the populations of the province of Lualaba.

« I invite you to guarantee the provincial executive the means it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the affairs of the province and to exercise your mission of controlling government action without the slightest procrastination, » he said. added.

The President of the Provincial Assembly of Lualaba specified that this ordinary session will also be an opportunity to check whether the budget for the current financial year 2022 is executed or to be redone.

Several personalities and politico-administrative authorities, notably the acting governor of Lualaba, Fifi Masuka Saini, took part in the solemn opening ceremony of the ordinary session of September known as budgetary.

 Examination and adoption of the finance edict for the 2023 financial year by the provincial assembly of Haut-Katanga

The September 2022 ordinary session of the Haut-Katanga Provincial Assembly, under the chairmanship of Mr. Michel Katebe, was also devoted to the examination and adoption of the 2023 financial year edict in the presence of the governor. from the provinces, Jacques Kyabula Katwe, consular missions and organizations of the United Nations system.

The Speaker of the Provincial Assembly of Haut-Katanga, Michel Katebe Ngoy

Michel Katebe indicated that the budget review is the annual meeting not to be missed, considering that it conditions the growth of the entire economy of the province with regard to the collection of revenues. To this end, he asked the provincial government to comply with the legal requirements in this area to deposit at the office of the Provincial Assembly, no later than November 25, 2022, this draft edict with its annexes such as listing in articles 176, 178, 179, 180 and 185 of law number 11/011 of 13 July 2011 relating to public finances.

This, he pointed out, will allow the legislative body sufficient time to carefully and responsibly review these budget estimates.

« The Provincial Assembly will maintain the dynamic of collaboration with the executive through the enrichment of this draft edict which will be submitted to us, as well as the efficient implementation of the instruments of control and evaluation of the action provided for in the rules of procedure », declared Michel Katebe.

Tanganyika Provincial Assembly closed

The Tanganyika Provincial Assembly remains closed until further notice. It did not open the ordinary session of September 2022 last Friday. According to sources close to this deliberative body, access to the premises of the Provincial Assembly is forbidden to anyone following the decision of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Security, Daniel Aselo Okitowa Koy, following the disorder that occurred on Tuesday July 26th.

The militants of the political parties to which belong the leaders of two antagonistic offices of the Provincial Assembly of Tanganyika had engaged in scenes of fights thus disturbing public order.

It is to restore tranquility in the city of Kalemie that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister in charge of the Interior and Security had taken this precautionary measure, it is recalled.