Pre-COP27 consolidates the work done with other forest countries, according to Eve Bazaiba


Kinshasa, October 5th, 2022 (CPA).- Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Eve Bazaiba, said that the preparatory work for the 27th United Nations Climate Conference (PRE-COP 27 ) consolidated the work done to date by countries with forests within them in the fight against climate change, in a press briefing that she moderated on Tuesday at the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa, together with the representatives of Brazil, Léonardo Do Cleaver, and of Indonesia, Laksmi Dhewanthi.

Deputy Prime Minister Eve Bazaiba, who received the two personalities on a tripartite basis, affirmed that the preparatory work for the 27th session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate is a continuation of a number of things that the leaders of the countries of the three global forest blocks have agreed on, in particular the common issues and challenges shared by the three basins of the world, thus constituting solutions to the challenges of the climate.

She recalled her bilateral meetings with her personalities, on the sidelines of the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations held last September in New York, during which relevant issues arising within the Amazon and within two other Congo Basins and Indonesia were mentioned.

These include logging and other natural resources, the carbon credit market and many other programs inherent in the issue of climate change.

However, she noted, apart from all these climate issues, the challenges related to the environment are the same everywhere, by their geographical location, their forest and their vegetation.

The representative of Brazil, Léonardo Do Cleaver, for his part, maintained that his country attaches great interest to working with Indonesia and the DRC. These two countries, he claimed, have a lot of similarities in common when discussing climate and biodiversity.

He said that Brazil intends to get started both for COP 27 to be held in the Arab Republic of Egypt and for the 15th Conference of Parties on Biodiversity, scheduled for next December in Montreal, Canada.

Leonardo Do Cleaver expressed the wish to see Brazil work with the two other countries with a view to developing a joint program on all the topical themes whose realities they feel.