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Education partners urged to end inequalities in schools

Kinshasa, October 12th,  2022 (CPA).- The « National Coalition for Education for All » (CONEPT/DRC) invited education partners to campaign against gender-related inequalities in schools, during the celebration , Tuesday at Lycée Mpiko in Kinshasa, International Day of the Girl Child.

CONEPT’s communication and advocacy officer, Chantal Kalala, who relayed the message of her structure on this occasion, called on them to denounce the violations of rights of which young girls are victims both at school and family level. .

“Our country has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence against children, accounting for 47% of survivors in emergency areas. The DRC ranks 19th in the world for child marriage, with more than 1.3 million girls aged 15 to 19 married early, thus occupying the 7th place for the rate of pregnancy among adolescent girls,” said Chantal Kalala, citing the 2021 UNICEF report.

She deplored the cessation of schooling for the young girl, due to early marriage and unwanted pregnancy, stressing that her reintegration into school is also faced with the stigmatization of educators and other members of the community.

CONEPT/DRC, through the “Initiative for the education of adolescent mothers” project, advocates for the educational offer to leave no girl outside the education system.

For the empowerment of the young girl

For his part, the prefect of Lycée Mpiko, Generose Mukeba, stressed the need to promote the empowerment of the young girl and the realization of her rights.

« For us who work for the education of the young girl, while having the concern of her future and therefore of her empowerment, this day is a real challenge which pushes us to reflect », she indicated.

In addition, the president of the NGO « ARTRIDA », Nicole Kimbanda hammered on the need to invest in the potential of the teenager, in order to help her to defend her rights and to ensure a more equitable and more prosperous future. .

 “Young girls, like their male equals, have the right to a safe life, good health and an education, not only during their formative years, but also once they become women,” said Ms. Kimbanda, before said that the world has set itself the goal of empowering girls, investing in their education and upholding their rights, by raising awareness of the inequalities and violence they face.


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