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Soon the end of the installation works of the palm oil production project in Kwilu

Kinshasa, October 14th, 2022 (CPA).- The end of work in the framework of the palm and palm kernel oil production project as well as biodiesel is coming soon, noted Thursday the Minister of Industry, Julien Paluku Kahongya who was accompanied by the deputy director general of the Industry Promotion Fund (FPI), Sam Martin Widjilowu, the CPA said on Friday.

Minister Paluku, who indicated this during a visit to the installations of the Chrisnovic company in Vanga, in the province of Kwilu, 500 kilometres east of Kinshasa, also noted that the engineers and other workers are very mobilized to carry out the finishing works before the inauguration planned shortly by the country’s authorities. This work is made possible thanks to a grant from the Congolese government and funding from the FPI.

“We came here to visit this company run by a Congolese, Mr. Hyacinthe Kabamba, who showed us his way of perceiving things; how he can revive this former PLZ plantation and create a value chain from planting palm trees to production; this way of seeing things has caught the attention of the government. The Council of Ministers adopted the subsidy granted to it through the Industry Promotion Fund. In addition to the capital he invested, given the diligence he had and the economic and social interest of this project, the Congolese State supported him,” said the Minister of Industry. The source specifies that Julien Paluku Kahongya visited on the spot, the factories of production of crude palm oil, refined oil, palm kernel oil and biodiesel of the company CHRISNOVIC. These factories visited have a production capacity of 9,000 tonnes of oil per year, generating 3,000 jobs. The Minister of Industry has, to this end, instructed the REIT to continue to support this investor until the effective start of its activities, adding that this initiative must be duplicated through other provinces. He thanked, on the same occasion, Hyacinthe Kabamba, promoter of the company CHRISNOVIC for this achievement which will contribute to the reduction of the bill of imports which are expensive for the Republic. “There are factories in Kinshasa that import crude oil from Middle Eastern countries to make soap and the like. We pay thousands of dollars by importing this oil from the outside,” he added, before emphasizing that the DRC will innovate thanks to this production. « From this refined oil, we are going to innovate in Africa to produce biodiesel, it is the use of fuel which is less polluting in substitution for ordinary fuel, and therefore we again join the vision of the President of the Republic who has always said that the Congo is the country-solution”, maintained the Minister of Industry. A team from the National Agency for Electrification and Energy Services in rural and peri-urban areas (ANSER) was part of the delegation. The DRC, he recalled, was one of the major producers of palm oil which is consumed by the majority of the Congolese population.


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