Mongala: an explosive device discovered in the house of a prison officer in Angenga military prison


Lisala, October 17th, 2022 (CPA) A war grenade was discovered last Thursday in the house of a soldier, a prison officer at Angenga military prison, said Mr. Roger Nzumbu Mosenge, president of Action des Youth for Social Welfare “AJBS”.

According to him, this device was found in the house of the soldier by the name of Mayesi Asani 25km from Lisala, capital of the province.

The president of this structure, Roger Nzumbu Mosenge requested the urgent descent of a team of demining experts to Angenga prison in order to detect this device, stressing that the whistleblower was a prisoner of foreign nationality.

For Roger Nzumbu, this grenade was a permanent danger constituting a risk for children who wanted to use it as a toy.

In addition¸ the AJBS has requested the involvement of partners in order to allow the population to live in safety in Angenga in particular and throughout the province of Mongala in general.