Handwashing awareness campaign at Primary School 11 of Kisenso


Kinshasa, October 17th, 2022 (CPA) – The celebration of Global Handwashing Day, commemorated on October 15th each year, was marked in Kinshasa city by an awareness campaign for students from primary school 11 and 8 (EP.11 and EP 8) of Kisenso municipality on the importance of hand washing for human health, on the theme: « The power is in our hands ».

This activity initiated by the Red Cross of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in partnership with the Swedish Red Cross, under the theme: « The power is in our hands » was launched by the provincial secretary of the Red Cross Kinshasa city, Faustin Teatea, on behalf of National President Gregoire Mateso Mbuta Way and Provincial, Julien Nkuyi Sisi.

For Mr. Teatea, the choice of EP 11 and 8 responds to the desire, both of the national president and the provincial, to concretize the vision of the number one of the Red Cross of DRC, concerning permanent care. hands to avoid dirty hand diseases.

He has, on occasion, invited the population to understand the importance of this sanitary requirement, in order to spare communities from diseases due to dirty hands, which are nevertheless preventable.

For his part, the Sous proved of Kisenso 2, Patience Bakalo, expressed his gratitude to DRC Red Cross and its Swedish partner, for having targeted his jurisdiction to launch this high-impact humanitarian activity.

He asked the students to internalize the different methods to be practiced for the good obligatory washing of hands, whether at school, at home and when leaving the latrines.

The director of EP/11, Edouard Liyanza, also praised the initiative of DRC Red Cross: “This activity will accompany us for a few months. This is a great day for my school”, he said. During the demonstration, the students presented a skit demonstrating the importance of hand washing, before receiving related Kits from the hands of the provincial secretary of the Red Cross of Kinshasa city, Faustin TeaTea.

Previously, the municipal president of Kisenso, Delphin Mangimbo Mbodim asked both students and parents to make hand washing a routine and to transmit this culture to all categories of people, in order to avoid unnecessary deaths caused by dirty hands diseases. ACP/