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Six new cases of Covid-19 detected on Saturday in DRC

Kinshasa, October 17th, 2022 (CPA) – Six new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were detected on Saturday in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), out of 723 samples tested, including 3 cases in Kinshasa, 2 in Sud Kivu and 1 in Nord Kivu, reports the daily bulletin of the technical secretariat of the multisectoral committee for the response to Covid-19 received by CPA on Sunday.

Since the start of the epidemic declared on March 10th, 2020, the cumulative number of cases is 93,020, including 93,018 confirmed cases and 2 probable cases. In total, there were 83,534 people cured and 1,358 deaths.

The same source indicates that vaccination coverage against Covid-19 has reached 9.22% of the target population estimated at 53.9 million people in the DRC. The Covid-19 test is free in DRC, except for unvaccinated travellers who will have to pay 30 US dollars.

All 26 provinces of DRC are affected by this epidemic as follows: Kinshasa (49,638 cases); Nord Kivu (10,640 cases); Haut-Katanga (6,770 cases); Kongo Central (5,982 cases); Lualaba (5,701 cases); Sud Kivu (3,983 cases); Haut-Uele (1,635 cases); Tshopo (1,581 cases); Ituri (1,443 cases); Kasai Oriental (957 cases); Sud Ubangi (897 cases); Equateur (611 cases); Kasai Central (553 cases); Kasai (484 cases); Maniema (354 cases); Lomami (341 cases); Nord Ubangi (289 cases); Kwilu (220 cases); Mongala (207 cases); Tshuapa (154 cases); Mai-Ndombe (129 cases); Kwango (127 cases); Bas-Uele (108 cases); Haut-Lomami (91 cases); Tanganyika (62 cases); Sankuru (58 cases). ACP/

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