Suspension of the election of the governor of Maniema


Kinshasa, october 18th, 2022 (CPA).- The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced, in a press release sent to the CPA on Tuesday, the suspension of the election of the governor of the province of Maniema following the decision of the Council of State.

The Plenary Assembly of the INEC was informed, in fact, on October 14 of the ordinance othe Council of State ordering it to suspend this ballot. The technical body of the elections in DRC reports, thereafter, that this election of the governor of Maniema will be organized at a later date.

The Council of State, it is recalled, had canceled the first ballot won by the candidate Hubert Kindanda Kishalongo for « irregularity on the electoral list » and had demanded the reorganization of a new ballot.

The latter, scheduled for October 18, is postponed by this high court following the referral made by the unsuccessful candidate Aruna Ndarabu, who castigated the irregularity in the last summons.

As a result, the Council of State, sitting in summary proceedings – suspension at the request of the plaintiff Ndarabu Amuri Aruna, against decision n ° 40 / INEC / AP 2022 of September 22, 2022 making public the timetable for the recovery of the election of the governor and vice-governor of Maniema, rendered the aforesaid decision of the INEC. CPA/