Organization of a consultation framework with stakeholders in the electoral process in Uvira


Uvira, October 24th, 2023 (CPA).-The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), branch of Uvira, organized on Saturday at the esplanade of the general store, a consultation framework with the stakeholders in the electoral process in order to discuss the evolution of the process and the revision of the electoral register.

The technical assistant at the office of the deputy rapporteur of the INEC, Ms. Christelle Tshibola Bukasa, presented various pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral operations that the INEC intends to carry out in accordance with the decision made public on the publication of the roadmap. This includes in particular the updating of the operational mapping which made it possible to draw up the mapping of the registration centres; the voter identification and registration operation which will be launched next December; as well as the organization of direct and indirect elections. She stressed that the voter identification and registration operation will be carried out in close collaboration by the INEC with the National Office for Population Identification (ONIP) and the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The head of the INEC-Uvira branch, Christian Alimasi, meanwhile, indicated that these operations aim to mobilize the population in order to be identified and enlist en masse, each in his electoral district, indicating that efforts will be multiplied in the neighborhoods and groups to give the population true information that comes from the source.  He reported that last July, the INEC-Uvira deployed 34 agents in different groupings of the territory of Uvira and in the different communes with the aim of identifying the old registration Centers to update the cartography. Given the precarious security situation, explained Mr. Alimasi, some centers used were destroyed and the population moved following the armed conflicts, citing as an example the group of Bijombo where there were 11 centers which no longer exist today. « It is in the absence of the non-revision of the electoral law on the distribution of seats that the city of Uvira is not considered as a city but rather as a municipality » he hammered, before suggesting that the INEC -Uvira has already delimited the different municipalities that make up this city.

Stop the enrolment of foreigners

With regard to electoral security, the mayor of the city of Uvira, Kiza Muhato, asked the population of his jurisdiction to ensure that foreigners cannot be enrolled under Congolese status. She noted the establishment of a monitoring system for foreigners in the neighbourhoods, stressing that a register book will be available to the heads of the neighbourhoods in order to register all resident foreigners and the lists will be transmitted to the migration service as well than at the INEC. The urban authority, for this purpose, raised the issue of Burundian subjects residing in Uvira and who carry out socio-economic activities there. He pointed out that the enrolment operation is not a time to drive them out in the DRC because, according to him, the number of Congolese in Burundi is greater than that of Burundians living in the DRC.

Kiza Muhato called on the youth to be strictly vigilant about this operation of the revision of the electoral register by denouncing all foreigners wishing to enlist.