The population of Kinshasa sensitized to clean up their environment

Awareness day attendees

Kinshasa, November 7th, 2022(CPA).- The population of Kinshasa, more particularly that of the commune of Kalamu, was sensitized on Saturday to clean up its environment to fight against insalubrity and enormous damage caused by torrential rains. “We want to show the Congolese people what we can do together in unity, without a political party.

This is just an example for everyone to get involved in various fields in order to maintain the development of the country », said Mr. Emmanuel Mabunguta, member of the « Pona Congo » coordination, during this day called  » Salongo Pona Congo”.

To this end, he underlined the objective of this activity which aims to « promote self-care and unity in order to prevent the worst in all areas of life ». “We want to motivate the primary ruler to get involved in environmental remediation.

This makes it possible to have committed, responsible, autonomous and united citizens », underlined Ms. Fifi Kandolo Mubenesha, representative of the synergy « Action femmes des Valeurs (AFV) ». « Victoire is the mirror of the capital and very visible, this activity is an example to boost all the Congolese people in order to take their responsibility in their hands without waiting for the support of the government », affirmed the young people involved in the initiative.

Pona Congo. It should be remembered that the “Pona Congo” initiative, a network of Congolese citizens who act for the awakening of conscience, responds to four values, in particular “commitment, responsibility, self-reliance and unity.