« Forum Italia Africa Business » in Rome: Entrepreneurs from around the world invited to invest in PT-NTIC in DRC


Kinshasa, November 17th, 2022 (CPA) –The Congolese government through the Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications, New Information and Communication Technologies (PT-NTIC), Augustin Kibassa Maliba, has invited entrepreneurs from around the world to invest in this sector in Democratic Republic of Congo, during his speech on Wednesday, at the work of the 6thedition of the Economic and Commercial Forum in Rome, Italy, called « Italia Africa Business Week (IABW) », in which leaders participate politicians and entrepreneurs from several countries around the world.

« Aware of the challenge facing the sector under my responsibility, the Government of the Republic through this ministry, appeals to investors and donors to come and invest alongside the Congolese State in the form of a win-win partnership. DRC is committed to continuing to improve the business climate, which to date is much more attractive, to put in place financial incentives, to support and protect all investments in order to meet this great challenge », declared the Minister Kibassa Maliba.

Placed under the theme: « Africa Next Generation the challenge of green and digital transformation », political leaders from several countries present at this activity, business representatives, African and European entrepreneurs, discuss the challenge of green transformation and digital, innovation and digitalization, sustainability and ecological transition, the health system and agribusiness.

To this end, the Minister in charge of PT-NICTs praised the potential of Africa in general and that of DRC in particular in the field of new information and communication technologies (NTIC), the environment, renewable energies, population density that make DRC « a solution country ».

“Given its geostrategic position in the centre of Africa, DRC has the natural vocation of becoming, by 2030, one of the largest forwarders of telecommunications traffic and digital data in the world, able to connect the Mediterranean to Cape Town of good hope, the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean. To succeed in playing this leading role, the President of the Republic Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo has set up the National Digital Plan based on 4 pillars, namely: infrastructure, content, application uses as well as governance and regulation”, he justified

The Minister took the opportunity to stress the need to strengthen cooperation between Italy and Africa to achieve the joint objectives of protection and development of the planet.

In the suite of the Minister in charge of PT-NTIC, we noted the presence of the mayor of Lubumbashi city, principal city of the province of Haut Katanga and the president of Europe-DRC chamber of commerce. CPA/Kuloso