Partners invited to support justice reform in the DRC

An attitude of the Minister of State Rose Mutombo during the meeting

Kinshasa, November 21st, 2022 (CPA).-  United Nations partners in the justice sector were invited, during a meeting held by videoconference from New York, to support the Justice Reform program in DRC, the CPA from the Ministry in charge of Justice learned on Sunday. “I therefore take this opportunity to launch a vibrant appeal to all our partners who are interested in the justice sector to mobilize donors more in order to support, because it remains in itself, a backbone of the justice sector. restoration of the rule of law for each State, an expression of authority and a guarantor of the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens, » said Minister of State Rose Mutombo, in her speech delivered on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the « Global focal point mondial », a coordination unit for police, judicial and penitentiary activities for the promotion of the rule of law. « This celebration coincided with the implementation of the Joint Program of the partners of the United Nations system, UNDP, MONUSCO and the UNJHRO, within the framework of support for the Reform of Justice in the DRC during the period from 2022 to 2024,” the source claims.

Several expected results of the partnership

It is a matter, she underlined, of the implementation of a well-defined number of selected activities consisting in providing support to the efforts undertaken by the government in favor of the wish expressed by the World Focal Point program which provided support for the key priorities of the current political mission.

“This partnership will have to achieve four results, in particular the improvement of the management of the National Justice Reform Policy; the improvement of the admissibility of the actors of the penal chain as well as the improvement of the administration of justice through the strengthening of the institutions of the penal chain in the prosecution of offences, with an emphasis on crimes under international law and sexual violations committed in times of war”, argued Rose Mutombo. For the Minister of State, the need to improve the administration of justice is therefore greater and several challenges remain to be met, more particularly in the penitentiary sector where we note in particular the dilapidation of the infrastructures and the shortage of staff.

« As it is true that our country, like all of humanity, suffers from the pangs of injustice, I can assure you on behalf of the government, that the DRC will spare no effort to pursue, with the support of its partners , the reform of justice already started”, she concluded her remarks. These exchanges by videoconference took place, in the presence of the Representatives of the Netherlands and Sierra Leone to the United Nations; the Under-Secretary General for Peace Operations; of the UNDP Representative and various guests, we note.