A sixth wave of COVID-19 is underway in DRC


Kinshasa, November 23rd, 2022 (CPA) – The members of the « Multisectoral Response Committee against COVID-19 » confirmed, following an evaluation meeting held on Tuesday evening at the Primature, the start of a sixth wave of COVID-19 in DRC, given the resurgence of positive cases.

“We have noticed the increase in cases but to date, we are reassuring the population because despite the fact that we have more or less high cases, the fatality rate is low. That is to say, it is a sixth wave of COVID-19 that has started, but in reality, it is of low intensity”, declared the Minister of Health, Dr Jean-Jacques Mbungani, at the exit of this meeting.

“At the level of the multisectoral response committee, we first retained the conclusions to be made to the Head of State so that around him, a decision could be taken within the Task Force. But the orientation is to make the population aware of the persistence of this pandemic and, also, to communicate, and then really, so that the population can integrate respect for barrier gestures”, said Dr Jean-Jacques Mbungani.

It is important, he stressed, that in places where there are several people, people always have the reflex to wear masks, to wash their hands with water or hydro-alcoholic gel, to maintain social distancing.

The population adheres to vaccination

“We have just over 12 million vaccinated people who have had at least one dose of vaccine, and just over 6 million people who have received two doses of vaccine. But we want to increase this, because the target population to be vaccinated is 52 million people”, said the Minister of Health, saying that the intensification of vaccination “will prevent a wave with high intensity”.

According to Jean-Jacques Mbungani, it was mainly a question, during this meeting, of evaluating the situation to then transmit the conclusions to the President of the Republic for a possible decision.

In addition to the Minister of Health and other members of the government, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, the Governor of the City-Province of Kinshasa, Dr. Muyembe and the Divisional Commissioner Sylvano Kasongo took part in this important session.