Kasongo Mwema posthumously decorated as  » Officer » of Kabila-Lumumba National Orders


Kinshasa, November 23rd, 2022 (CPA) – The Chancellery of National Orders posthumously decorated, on Wednesday, Tharcisse Kasongo Mwema, « Officer » of National Orders Kabila Lumumba, during a funeral ceremony organized in his memory, at the Clinique kinoise, in Gombe municipality.

« In the name of the President of the Republic, we make you a Grand Officer in the rank of Kabila-Lumumba National Heroes, for your exemplary professionalism and your proven level of patriotism, throughout your career in the service of the Nation », a declared the Chancellor of National Orders, Major General Andre Matutezulwa, in front of an audience of political figures, journalists and members of his biological family.

The Head of State pays the last respects to his former Spokesperson

President Felix Tshisekedi, accompanied by the First Lady, Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, paid their last respects to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Congolese News Agency (ACP), his former Spokesperson, who died on November 12th in Kinshasa, following a short illness.

The presidential couple gathered, before laying their wreath in front of the remains of the illustrious deceased and comforting the widow Kasongo Mwema, her children as well as the other members of the biological family.

The public tribute ceremony began with the funeral oration read by Christian Kasongo, eldest son of the deceased, before testimonies and the laying of wreaths.

“Dad, if he was here, he would ask us not to cry. He is a man of courage”, said the son of the illustrious deceased.

Moving words

“Through his voice, our lives have changed. His death leaves a void in the communication system. He will remain present in our memories”, declared the Minister of Communication and Media, Government Spokesman, Patrick Muyaya.

“It is August 31st, 2022, thanks to the order appointing the members of the board of directors and the general management of CPA. It is on September 27th, 2022 that you actually take the reins of this official media. And here, oh misfortune, you come out after only two months, on November 12th, 2022, after having chaired the extraordinary session of the council, devoted to the validation of the mandate and the signing of the act of delegation of powers », recalled for his part, the general director of CPA, Bienvenu Bakumanya.

For him, « the advent of Tharcisse Kasongo Mwema at CPA was an incredible opportunity » in that, as a seasoned journalist and teacher of journalism at the Agency, « he had the right profile to restore CPA to its letters of nobility « .

« Your intellectual as well as human qualities lent themselves to this: a listener, unifier, conciliator, endowed with proven leadership, qualities which the National Agency still needs, today more than yesterday, for its harmonious journey. But unfortunately!, lamented Bienvenu Bakumanya.

“Your passing shattered the expectations of the entire CPA community who hoped for a better tomorrow when they heard you say, in your first interview I quote: There are new responsibilities that we must shoulder; there is a confidence that the Head of State has placed in the new team. I believe that there are new objectives that the President of the Republic wishes to achieve, especially before this election year that we are all waiting for, and I think that CPA will serve as the spearhead of the President of the Republic’s program, as it is the official organ of the country. I think we are going to build something good, something beautiful, something big and that’s my wish », concluded, moved, the general manager.

The late PCA hailed for its professionalism

In his words, Erik Nyindu, Director of the presidential communication unit, recalled the prowess and praised the exceptional career of « this icon of the Congolese and international press ». “Thank you for your availability, a model of professionalism and probity”, he said.

“Beyond the professional relationship, the departure of the Prof goes beyond a colleague. He always had the right words. Kasongo was a reference. It’s a real Congolese library that is leaving. Dear Prof, we promise to perpetuate your work”, said, for her part, the deputy spokesperson for the Head of State, Tina Salama.

“For us, Kasongo is our colleague, our model, our icon, our old man. UNPC celebrates Kasongo. Many thanks for the professionalism, for having served the country with dedication and professionalism. Here and elsewhere, only memories. You gave everything and in a more beautiful way. We are going to ensure that this press is of high quality”, proclaimed the President of UNPC/Kinshasa, Jean-Marie Kassamba.

Several heads of the country’s institutions were present at this ceremony, including Prime Minister Sama Lukonde, some members of the government and the office of the Head of State, as well as Congolese media officials.

Dead at the age of 70, Tharcisse Kasongo Mwema Yamba-yamba was spokesperson for the Head of State, since April 2019, until his recent appointment as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Congolese Press Agency (CPA), last September.

Married to Mrs. Hubertine Mbungu-Mwema, he left behind a widow and 3 children.

After the tributes worthy of his rank, the body of Kasongo Mwema took the direction of the international airport of N’djili to be repatriated to France, where he will be buried in all family privacy. ACP/