The new general secretary at the Ministry of Culture advocates unity to restore Congolese culture


Kinshasa, November 23rd, 2022 (CPA) – The new General Secretary at the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Leon Abedi Tshenegwa advocated on Wednesday, unity in order to restore the image of Congolese culture, during the handover and recovery ceremony with his predecessor, Chrispin Yoka Budiakuabana, at the general secretariat of this ministry in Gombe municipality.

“I pay my respects to the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Catherine Kathungu Furaha and I request the frank collaboration of the staff for the realization of the missions of this ministry in order to guarantee the continuity of the various public services falling under this portfolio of the state. There is everything for everyone, depending on the effort of each. It is only together that we can restore the image of our country’s culture”, declared the new General Secretary.

For his part, the outgoing interim general secretary, Chrispin Yoka also thanked the responsible minister for having chosen him personally, emphasizing that the new secretary general is the right man to broaden the horizons of the different directions of arts as well as administration.

“What we lacked at the international level will be achieved through him, we had found an inadequate situation, we laid the foundations to secure the agents, the heads of office and division, he will do the rest. I also urge him to fight for parity so that the women of this ministry are restored to their rights and to settle the situation of the old units which do not yet benefit from their permanent bonuses”, he wished.

To this end, he urged the agents to obedience, unity and love for the development of this ministry.

For his part, the adviser Pascal Muhindo painted the picture of the achievements of the outgoing General Secretary, recalling that this establishment is consecutive to the objectives of the reform of public services in progress in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The General Secretary for Culture, Arts and Heritage is responsible for coordinating the activities and ensuring the high supervision of the General Secretariat, the directorates and specialized services of this ministry, which is made up of eight administrative directorates, fourteen cultural establishments and specialized services.

This ceremony took place in the presence of the adviser in charge of administration, Pascal Muhindo Songe Luyeye, representing the Minister of Culture who was unable to attend, and the deputy general inspector at the general inspection of public administration, Yolande Boda Sva as well than an international cooperation delegation.