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University Avenue in Livulu district threatened by an erosion head

Kinshasa, November 28th, 2022 (CPA).- The University avenue, in its section between avenues Kenge and Kikwit, in Livulu district in Lemba municipality, is again threatened by a head of erosion progressing towards the roadway which had just been rehabilitated nearly 3 years ago, CPA noted on Monday on the spot.

“It has been several years since this situation rages in this district. We continue to implore the government to come to our aid in the face of this situation which causes several material damages every time it rains”, the inhabitants of Livulu district told CPA.

“The government has done its part by fixing the roads. But we, the population, sometimes fail to protect the roads. We plug the gutters ourselves by throwing rubbish into them. This prevents runoff water from flowing by attacking the roads and creating erosions”, remarked Ms. Christelle Seya, a resident of Livulu district.

As a reminder, University Avenue was rehabilitated in 2019 after controlling erosion. 3 years later, the situation is back to where it started and presents a real threat to this road leading to the University of Kinshasa, one of the major institutions of higher education and university in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). ACP/

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