The canonization of two blessed Congolese at the center of a conference organized at the UCC


Kinshasa, December 3rd, 2022 (CPA). –  The question of the inscription of two Congolese blesseds, in the catalog of saints, was at the center, on Thursday, of a conference, organized by the community of lay Christians for the canonization of Anuarite and Bakanja (COLCAB), at the Catholic University of Congo (UCC) in the Limite municipality in Kinshasa.

“Canonization is a process that follows canon law in accordance with the norms of the universal Catholic Church. As lay people, we intervene in the promotion of the devotion of our two blessed for the cause of their canonization. Among the stages of said canonization we must also see the future saints carried by his community, that is to say that they are known, that we speak of them, that we magnify them and that the community identify with them. This is the plea we are making to involve everyone,” explained COLCAB President Michel de la Croix Batebe.

He insisted on the need to provide holy places worthy of these two illustrious missing Congolese who enjoy eternal bliss. “We can canonize them today but if we do it without a sanctuary, it will be incomplete. So we must build a sanctuary for Anuarite in Isiro and in Bokote for Bakanja. This work requires the involvement of all stakeholders, including the Catholic Church, the authorities of the DRC, the large Catholic Christian community and people of good will,” said COLCAB President Michel de la Croix Batebe. .For his part, the Pauline cooperator and vice-president of this structure, Mr. Exupéry Bwende indicated that Christians must be mobilized. The Christian community must activate the bishops so that a postulator is named who must work for the constitution of the cause and send him to Rome (Italy).

The reason for this canonization is justified by obtaining models for the Church and the Congolese nation. Saints have universal values, having them as role models can contribute to the good governance of the country and the change of juvenile delinquency commonly known as « Kuluna », he added.

Lawyer Exupéry thanked the government for its contribution of two million dollars for the construction of the Bakanja site in Bokote, before recalling the responsibility of the country in the appropriation of the canonization file and the construction of sanctuaries which could be profitable on issues of the economy, tourism and the pride of the nation.

The objective of this conference was to associate the Catholic intellectual community to reflect and propose solutions to the challenges facing the cause of these two heritages, including Anuarite Nengapeta and Isidore Bakanja. It was also an auspicious occasion to commemorate the 58th anniversary of the death of Blessed Anuarite Nengapeta, it is reported. CPA/