The new General Director of the ACGT undertakes to draw inspiration from the experience of his predecessors


Kinshasa, December 3rd, 2022 (CPA). –– The new General Director of the Congolese Agency for Major Works (ACGT), Nico Nzau Nzau promised on Friday to draw inspiration from the experience of his predecessors and to maintain people who have worked with the outgoing management team, on the occasion of the handover and recovery ceremony at the headquarters of this structure in the municipality of Gombe.

“During our mandate, we will ensure that each province can have at least one project. To achieve this, we will draw inspiration from the experience of our predecessors and our Minister of State for Infrastructure and Public Works (ITP) who, for the first time in this ministry, kept the cabinet unchanged. This is a good example, we too will maintain the team set up for the cohesion of the ACGT’s activities. We will keep everyone in their place because this team has won with us and is a family,” said General Manager Nico Nzau. He stressed, to this end, that the President of the Republic has renewed his confidence in them and that they must work to deserve this confidence by carrying out actions that meet the expectations of the Congolese people, in particular building infrastructure.

Under the chairmanship of the Secretary General for Infrastructure and Public Works, Joseph Koshi Gimeya, who represented the Minister of State in charge of ITPs, Alexis Gisaro, Mr. Nzau pointed out that with « The Sino-Congolese program, we have done what that we can do, but this year SICOMINES has entered the optimum production phase to give its structure the resources necessary for the realization of various projects in each province of the DRC.

The ACGT in the competitive phase

 The outgoing General Director Charles Médar Ilunga, for his part, noted in his speech that he leaves the Congolese Agency for Major Works in the competitive phase as an engineering office with high quality experts. “It is a pride to express it today, to see the ACGT rise to the ranks of major engineering companies around the world. It started with about twenty engineers in 2008 to now have nearly a hundred Bac 3 students,” said Charles Médard Ilunga.

He suggested that the eleven years spent with the current General Director then Deputy General Director were years of challenges, hardships that allowed them to forge and provide the ACGT with a structure capable of meeting the challenges.

« The ACGT has become and has aroused the interest of both authorities and partners, built on a language of accountability and rigor », underlined Charles Médar Ilunga, before wishing his predecessor every success during his mandate.

The mission of the ACGT is to design, supervise and advise. As such, it plays both the role of delegated contracting authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works and of project manager.

It thus coordinates the execution of the infrastructure projects specified in the convention and collaboration agreements signed between the DRC and the groups of Chinese companies and intervenes in the road, rail, port, energy, health, tourism, sports and building sectors, we remember. CPA/