Youth call for national dialogue to defend homeland from aggression


Kinshasa, December 3rd, 2022.- The Association of Young Independents of Congo (AJIC) recommended the organization of a dialogue between Congolese, with a view to defending together, the integrity of the national territory threatened by Rwandan aggression, in its memorandum sent on Friday to the President of the Republic.

« Initiate a dialogue for the defense of the fatherland with all the political and social forces of the Republic, without foreign participation, under national mediation, with regard to the situation which prevails in the East of our country », declared the national president of this structure, Serge Longo Mutambayi who read this document after its submission to the Presidency of the Republic.

 « Only the unity of the Congolese can guarantee the security of the country and thwart the international plot against the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Head of State, in his capacity as guarantor of the Nation, has the prerogatives to bring together all the girls and son of the country to talk about security and development, » he added.

 « You are the guarantor of the nation, our compatriots of Kwamouth, Kiwanja, Rutshuru, Bunagana and the East of the country especially where the crackling of the bullets associated with the noise of the boots of the armed men terrify the local population, must all, without exception none, benefit from your protection…”, underlined the AJIC in its document, according to its President.

Evoking the electoral process in the context of war, this association of young elites of the DRC invited the Head of State to postpone the organization of the elections scheduled for 2023, in order to put to the benefit of National Defense the means allocated to the holding of the electoral process.

« We hope to have elections in easy and peaceful conditions during which every Congolese wherever he is on the extent of the DRC will be able to express himself by electoral means on the destiny of the country ».

To raise the soldiers brewed in the East of the country

Faced with the recurrent aggressions of the DRC, particularly in its eastern part, the Young Independents of Congo proposed to the President of the Republic to relieve all the soldiers mixed in the eastern provinces of the country and to create a « Special Brigade for the pacification of the Republic”, which must be made up of unmixed soldiers who have not taken part in the activities of rebel groups.

To this end, they argued, it is necessary that the national army, as well as the public administration, get rid of all foreign “infiltrators”.

They also advocated compulsory military training, of at least one year, for any young person having obtained his state diploma, « which would imply a strategic reserve and at all times, instead of punctual enlistment following a aggression of the Republic,” they said.

At the economic level, the Association of Young Independents of Congo recommended to the Head of State to make agriculture the priority of his actions. This non-profit association for young people has called for the strengthening of the creation of modern schools and agricultural training centers. CPA/