Kinshasa: The clogging of the gutters causes the degradation of the Avenue de la Liberation 


Kinshasa, December 3rd, 2022 (CPA). –  The clogging of the gutters causes the degradation of the avenue de la Liberation (ex November 24), separating the municipalitys of Ngiri-Ngiri, Bumbu, Bandalungwa in its section between Moulaert and the market of Selemba Switzerland finds itself in a state of disrepair because of the cases of floods after each rain in the city of Kinshasa, noted Friday the CPA after a round made on the spot.

« This avenue is flooded because of the waters coming from the UPN, Ngaliema, Kitokimosi and others, following the clogged gutters in this corner of the capital », declared a resident of this region adding that this road is already marked by cracks and for fear that it will deteriorate further in the coming days, which could handicap certain commercial activities.

The roundabout victory invaded by plastic waste causing flooding

The victory roundabout, one of the hot spots in the city-province of Kinshasa, is invaded by plastic waste which hinders the passage of rainwater and causes flooding, said Mr. Olivier Bomoyame, owner of a shop of clothing in the Matonge district.

« The clogging of the gutters due to the poor management of waste of all kinds is the cause of the flooding of this intersection as well as other arteries », he added.

Several avenues mainly are under water, including Kasa-vubu avenue, between Rwakadingi and Red Cross avenues. This is the basis of traffic jams as well as many cases of road incivility.

Avenue Kimwenza in full renovation finds itself under rainwater

In addition, there is also the state of Kimwenza Avenue in the municipality of Makala, in full renovation, also finds itself with each rain under the waters which do not pass through these gutters which are in a bad state. This situation has damaged several houses in the « Bondongola » district whose owners have even abandoned their residences.

The stagnant waters of the rain cause an artificial river on the avenue of the market

On the avenue du Marché, in its intersection with the avenue Colonel Ebeya, after the rains which fell on the city of Kinshasa, these last weeks, deplored Mr. David Kutomisa, a user of this section, it is created artificial lakes. « The absence of gutters to facilitate the flow of rainwater, and the fact that most of the sewers on this section are blocked, do not allow the passage of rainwater to flow normally and this forms similar rivers on the avenues Wangata and Tombalbaye, in their intersection with the avenue Colonel Ebeya”, declared Mr. Kutomisa.

Recall that the works for the rehabilitation of the Bianda road, located in the municipality of Mont-Ngafula, carried out by the construction company « Arabcontractor », started in June of the current year have reached the asphalting stage going from his entrance to the police station. This work goes in parallel with the sanitation, the construction of gutters and the installation of curbs as well as the construction of the retaining walls over the 2 km planned.

The erosion control works on the Kindele Kimwenza-mission road which connects several districts of the municipality of Mont-Ngafula, among others Kimbondo, Cogelos and Plateau II, carried out by the construction company « Zheingwei Technique Cooperation » (ZTC) are now being stage of the base layer for almost 1km on the same artery.

The lack of gutters in N’sele at the base of the erosions towards the Mpasa district

The absence of gutters in the municipality of N’sele causes erosion in the Mpasa district according to the urban planner Prosper Kola during an interview Thursday at the CPA.

« The absence of gutters in the Mpasa districts of the municipality of N’sele dangerously exposes these entities to erosion » the fact that all the Mpasa district is devoid of gutters is not a good thing because their slopes by dint of undergoing the pressure of rainwater could erode over time and therefore force some residents to leave the place,” said Mr. Prosper Kola.

It is high time, he recommended, that the public authorities already think of providing these neighborhoods with substantial gutters, capable of guaranteeing their duration, stressing that most of these neighborhoods were built without respecting urban planning standards under the influence of the Teke-Humbu customary chiefs, sellers of these sites.

The municipality of N’sele has about five Mpasa districts and many others which are almost all without gutters when it rains, the rainwater seeks where to pass and ends up cracking certain places to create a passage against nature.

« This situation is deplorable, especially since every day all these neighborhoods receive new inhabitants », commented a resident of this eastern part of the city of Kinshasa. CPA/