New FARDC recruits bolstered by government visit to Kitona


Kinshasa, December 5th, 2022 (CPA).-  Young people who joined the FARDC after the Head of State called for general mobilization to block the road to the project of balkanization of the DRC, were comforted by the visit, Monday to the center of Kitona, from the Minister of National Defence.

« I congratulate you and encourage you for having responded positively to the call of the Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, to enlist massively in the ranks of the Congolese army to serve under the flag and defend the integrity of the Congolese territory violated by Rwanda under cover of M.23”, said the Minister of National Defense and Veterans, Gilbert Kabanda.

And to add: « You have sufficiently proved the positive response of Congolese youth of all tendencies to the appeal launched by the Head of State on November 3, calling on you to mobilize as one man to fight the aggression of which our country is the victim in its eastern part ».

After listening carefully to the grievances of these new recruits in training, Gilbert Kabanda Kurhenga promised to do everything possible to improve the intellectual, psychological, sanitary and material conditions within this training center so that in three months, these new elements of the national army are ready to defend the national territory.

President Félix Tshisekedi’s appeal to the youth to mobilize to dismantle the rebel and terrorist group which acts with the blessing of Rwanda on Congolese soil, has visibly received the approval of the majority of the youth, it was reported. found.

A craze is observed in different provinces of the country, where young people of all levels, state graduates, universities and others, want to join the ranks of the FARDC.

Last November 30, it is recalled, thousands of young people stormed the People’s Palace where they met with the President of the Republic around several subjects concerning their future and that of the nation. ACP/