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North Kivu: success of micro-finance institutions in Beni

Beni, December 5th, 2022 (CPA).- The microfinance institutions of Beniville and territory, one of the administrative entities of the province of North Kivu, have reaped significant success with the motivation of the population on the culture of savings.

  « The achievement and success of the inculcation of the culture of savings in the population of Beni is the result of a series of awareness campaigns through schools, churches and other structures of civil society », said noted the president of microfinance institutions in the Beni region, Augustin Kambale, at the celebration of the International Day of Savings.

  Kambale, also manager of Mutuelle de credit du Congo (Mecreco), hailed these efforts which made it possible to achieve this result in the fight against poverty, the indicators of which are currently appreciated by partners in the banking sector, including the Central Bank of Congo (BCC, ANIMF and APROCEC…) and external audit firms as well as all the other technical and financial partners of financial inclusion in the DRC.

He said that the training as well as technical and financial assistance from all these partners enabled them to build the foundation for the better future of microfinance in Beni.

The International Day of Savings which was instituted in a congress held from November 26th to 31st, 1924 in Milan, Italy, and celebrated for the first time in 1925 in the world, was celebrated last October 31 in the DRC under the theme « Save in the DRC, for my future yes, it’s possible », it is recalled. ACP/

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