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Algeria determined to consolidate its relations with the DRC

Kinshasa, December 9th, 2022 (CPA)The Algerian Ambassador to the DRC, Mohamed Yazid Bouzid, reiterated, on Friday, his country’s determination to consolidate its existing relations of friendship, cooperation and solidarity with the DRC, during his visit to the Congolese Press Agency (CPA).

« I would like to reiterate my determination, in my capacity as Ambassador of Algeria to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to work for the consolidation of the friendship, cooperation and solidarity existing between these two brotherly States », declared the Algerian diplomat.

« I feel compelled to visit the major institutions of the DRC, which is why I preferred to start with the Congolese Press Agency, in order to see together the actions that should strengthen this cooperation on the eve of the celebration, in 2023. , of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Algeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo”, specified the Algerian ambassador.

Algeria condemns terrorist actions

The Ambassador of Algeria in the DRC, Mohamed Yazid Bouzid

In addition, Ambassador Mohamed Yazid Bouzid pointed out that his country condemns the terrorist actions carried out in the DRC.

« As a country focused on peace and security and which has always worked for the primacy of these values throughout Africa, Algeria continues to condemn these terrorist actions », suggested Mr. Mohamed Yazid, stressing that his country could not remain silent in the face of the « horrible massacres » committed on Congolese soil.

« We hope that the ongoing efforts should lead to a lasting settlement of this crisis in order to allow the DR Congo to take full charge of the sustainable development tasks that await it », he said, before wishing a definitive solution to the crisis on Congolese soil.

To achieve the digital transition

Tour of the desks

During his visit to the central editorial office, Mohamed Yazid Bouzid encouraged ACP journalists to always go into the field to draw information from the source.

« The journalist deserves more respect for his truth and his impartiality in the treatment of information, » he said.

For his part, the director general of the CPA, Bienvenu-Marie Bakumanya, asked Mohamed Yazid Bouzid for logistical support from the Algerian embassy, in order to enable this public media to achieve the transition digital.

« The CPA needs appropriate logistics given that today’s journalistic work is done with computers, cameras, dictaphones, smartphones, which is why we are waiting for the support from our counterparts in Algeria’s press service (APS) so that we can achieve the same degree of professionalism,” argued Mr. Bakumanya.

He also proposed the exchange of experiences between the Congolese and Algerian press agencies, as well as the strengthening of the capacities of the personnel and the provision of books speaking about Algeria, with a view to a rich documentation of different readers of this national agency. CPA/


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