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  Agriculture: the 2023 budget session at ONAPAC projected in the vision of the decree amending the statutes

 Kinshasa, December 12th, 2022 (CPA).- The work of the 2023 budget session of the National Agricultural Products Office of Congo (ONAPAC), which started on Monday in Kinshasa, is projected in the vision of the decree modifying the statutes of the Office, into a public establishment benefiting from the annex budget of state, said Agriculture Minister Désiré N’Zinga Birihande.

“The work of drawing up the 2023 budget of the National Office of Agricultural Products of Congo which opens this Monday will be projected pending the signing of the decree modifying the statutes of the Office in order to find an answer. to endogenous and exogenous problems which have always handicapped the optimal realization of all forecasts.

« It is a duty for us, the supervisory authority of the National Office of Agricultural Products of Congo, in acronym « ONAPAC » to proceed solemnly today to the opening of the work of the budgetary session, by virtue of law number 08/009 of July 7, 2008 on general provisions applicable to public establishments”, he added.

« As the budget is a dashboard for sound and orthodox management for any company, there is no need to remind us here of its crucial nature », he added, while noting that the financial year in which the ONAPAC agents and executives will engage throughout this week will allow ONAPAC to lay the foundations or reliable benchmarks for its proper functioning.

The Minister cited, among other things, the negative attitude displayed by the Federation of Congolese Enterprises (FEC) against ONAPAC, insecurity in the production areas and fraud: « all the problems that reduce the revenue base of ONAPAC for the achievement of the objectives that we have always set ourselves for its revival of the company and consequently the social good of all its staff ».

  He urged participants in the work to exploit all possible new channels, with a view to providing ONAPAC in 2023 with a realistic budget, especially with the government taking charge of staff as part of alignment with the supplementary budget.

The preparation of more or less favorable budget forecasts for ONAPAC

  For his part, the Director General of ONAPAC, Guy Bompate Bo Lounda said that the preparation of the 2023 budget forecasts is being done in the more or less favorable context for ONAPAC. « The resolutions of the round table on the appeasement of the business climate having led to the adoption of the draft decree amending the statutes of the Office, the new pricing on all agricultural products under control which will be signed exclusively by the Minister supervision, could significantly improve ONAPAC’s revenue, cover operating expenses and thus make its cash flow less precarious thanks to the addition of personnel to the State’s supplementary budget.

“To do this, all our recipes will have to be centralized at the general management for better traceability and this, from January 2023, he argued.

  He said that at the end of this work, he will proceed to the signing of contracts of engagement with all the entities, which will be subject to strict compliance with the risk of administrative sanctions.

  The Director General expressed the wish to see the budget being drawn up, taking into account the balance between income and expenses, before urging the participants in the work to produce quality work within the limits of the time allocated to them.

As a reminder, the purpose of the national office of agricultural products of Congo is to promote the cultivation and development of internal and external outlets for agricultural export products and their derivatives, in particular coffee, tea, cocoa, pyrethrum , rubber, cinchona, vinca digitalis, vanilla, spice plants, ketchou, lippia miltiflora, perfume plants, essential oils, medicinal plants and ginger. ACP/

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