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EPST: The new chief provincial inspector of Kinshasa/Tshangu for the strengthening of control in schools

Kinshasa, December 16th, 2022 (CPA).-The new chief provincial inspector of Kinshasa/Tshangu, Cyprien Yoka Ngwey advocated the strengthening of school control, on Friday, during his official presentation to the heads of establishments and chief inspectors of pools at Bonsomi College in N’djili.

« Several strategies will be put in place to strengthen control in different schools to detect all forms of anti-values ​​that persist in the school environment of my educational province, and the recalcitrant will be subject to the sanctions provided for by the hierarchy », he said. – he says.

In view of the vision of the Head of State Félix Antoine Tshisekedi who wants to achieve excellence among Congolese youth through, in particular, free education, Mr. Yoka affirmed that « it is time to fight against the bad practices that are eating away at the education system in the DRC in order to restore order ».

“Thereupon, I seek the support of the chief inspectors of antennas and pools by respecting the hierarchical line of conduct to make our educational province the best among many others. It is with satisfaction that I welcome the new provincial inspector and express the wish for a work of frank collaboration to achieve the objectives assigned to him by the hierarchy », signified the provincial director of Tshangu, Jean Marie Mvuzi Mbemba, before d add that the work will be done in continuity for the development of the province as well as the educational well-being of the learners.

The provincial chief inspector Cyprien Yoka comes from the educational province of Maniema, he replaced Mrs. Godelive Mwinda, it is reported

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