Kinshasa: the « Avenue du Tourisme » threatened with a cut between hospital on the shore and Brikin


Kinshasa, December 19th, 2022 (CPA).- The Tourism road which connects the roundabout of Kintambo stores to the town of Ngaliema by the school avenue is impassable and threatened with cutting in its section, hospital of the Rive et l’avenue de l’école, noted the CPA during a round made on Monday in this part of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

« Located at the foot of Mount Ngaliema along the Congo River, the naked eye can see erosion heads on the slope which promote the wandering of surface water from the City of the African Union and the Second City of Camp Colonel Tshatshi on its unstabilized part. The furrows of the erosion heads pour rainwater onto the roadway, causing landslides on the embankment with the consequence of deflecting the structure of the road”, we note from this round.

Apparently, potholes and sloughs are born as a result of this deflection of the road structure, namely the base, subgrade and bitumen bearing layers.

These dilapidations are the basis of the road cuts as well as the traffic jams observed at peak hours on this road which allows the inhabitants of Ngaliema and part of Mont-Ngafula to wander about their occupations.

They are likely to harm the construction project of the Ngaliema drinking water catchment plant and the facilities of the shore hospital.

As a reminder, this road was the first stage of the start of the five construction sites of the Republic initiated by the former President of the Republic Joseph Kabila Kabange, it is recalled. And note that the cut of the national road No. 1 linking Kinshasa the capital of the DRC to Matadi cut since Tuesday had disrupted the supply of the city of Kinshasa in various products although the traffic resumed five days after the disaster. ACP/