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Kinshasa: launching of the “women resources” online campaign

Kinshasa, December 26th, 2022(CPA)-The Congolese Union of Media Women (UCOFEM), launched the online campaign « Congolese women resources » through its « FERES » application, during a press conference, held on Saturday at the headquarters of this women’s association in Kinshasa. “The objective of this conference is to inform media managers of the existence of the FERES application, which is the response of UCOFEM and its partners to the many questions from journalists and researchers about the number of women as sources of information, and where to find them, » said the deputy national director of this structure, Ms. Indombe Bitone,

“Thanks to the technical support of lnternews DRC, UCOFEM has just set up the electronic format with a view to reaching and serving a large number of users, both media and other actors, namely: organizations working to promote women’s rights, schools, students and other researchers. “, she explained.

With regard to the national policy for the promotion of women’s rights, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has made significant progress with regard to gender parity, she noted, stressing that it is clear that Despite these advances, the situation of the representativeness of Congolese women in different areas of professional life in the DRC remains minimal because the realities on the ground are in contradiction with the texts and the commitments taken both at regional and international level on this subject. , said Mrs. Indombe

« The latest monitoring report on gender in the media produced and published in 2016 by UCOFEM shows that Congolese women occupy a second-class position in the media and that, as a result, their voice does not carry the same title than that of the man », declared the deputy national director of UCOFEM, before making it known that these statistics show that only 19% of women against 81% of men dominate in the Congolese media.

It should be recalled that Ucofem produced in 2014 in partnership with Internews then updated in 2017 with the financial support of Free Press Unlimited, the directory of women resources in physical format with the aim of making available to media professionals some women’s contacts as diversified sources.


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