Tshisekedi wants to take stock of the actions of his ministers


Kinshasa, December 29th, 2022 (CPA).- The President of the Republic Felix Tshisekedi wants to examine the report of the decisions and actions taken by his ministers after having accepted the withdrawal of 3 ministers from the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we learned on Wednesday from government sources.

  “Despite the successes achieved during this year, the President of the Republic asked the Prime Minister to carry out, as soon as possible, the alliances of the actions of realization of each of the members of the government in accordance with their respective mission letters, so that in the last Council of Ministers in January 2023, a detailed report is presented to him on the performance of each member of the government,” said government spokesman Patrick Muyaya when reading the minutes of the 81st meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired on Wednesday face-to-face by President Tshisekedi.

Patrick Muyaya specified that Felix Tshisekedi reminded the government of the need for better coordination of government actions based on the approaches of the management system based on the results of the commitments made, in order to ensure the good -being Congolese, as well as the socio-economic progress of the country.

“It is a question of consolidating a dynamic of governance which is based on the use of the letters of the missions entrusted to each member of the government team and which makes it possible to inform and ensure in real time, that the various objectives of the Program of the government are being painted and that the expected results are there in accordance with the commitments made », underlined the Minister in charge of Communication. For him, this report should also identify those who attributed the failure to achieve the expected results and propose corrective measures for better implementation of government actions during the year 2023.

Involvement of the governors of the provinces in the materialization of the Program of 145 Territories

In addition, the Head of State insisted on the need for provincial executive officials to get involved in the materialization of the development program of 145 territories, with a view to reviving local economies. « This involvement should be done within the framework of the follow-up to be carried out in the implementation of the said program », maintained Muyaya Katembwe. “The President of the Republic recalled that the ninth session of the conference of provincial governors held in Mbandaka, in the province of Equateur and which focused on the theme “Local development program for 145 territories, strengthening the ‘authority of the State to relaunch the economy of the provinces’, focused its work on the place and role of the provinces in the institutional mechanism for the implementation of the said Program with a view to producing adequate solutions likely to establish necessary synergies between it and the provincial development programs », he explained.

With regard to the memorandum received from the governors of the provinces during these meetings in Mbandaka, the President of the Republic specified that it summarizes the inventories of the provinces and collects two types of concerns, some of which concern all the provinces and the others more specific without forgetting the particular cases of Ituri and Nord Kivu. These common concerns, he added, are mostly focused on security, social, administrative, judicial, economic and financial aspects.

In this regard, President Tshisekedi expressed his concern about the low rate of implementation of the recommendations of previous sessions of the conferences of governors in general and that of the 8th session in particular. « But well before addressing the points of his communication, the President of the Republic, Head of State informed the council that he received the members of the government representing the party together after the audience granted to them by the Prime Minister. He took note of the withdrawal of three of them from the government, in particular that of Planning, Transport and the Deputy Minister in charge of Health following the position taken by their political party,” informed the government spokesperson.

Government instructed to redouble efforts to welcome Pope Francis

Speaking following the communication from the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister instructed the members of the government concerned to redouble their efforts so that the preparations for this grandiose event and the projects opened for this purpose continue unabated and end on good dates, the pope being expected in Kinshasa on January 31st, 2023 for the start of his stay.

Issuance of the national identity card planned after voter registration The Prime Minister reassured the population that within the framework of the pooling of census and enrollment identification operations, the electoral register will be immediately, upon completion of these operations, retrieved by the National Identification Office of the population (ONIP), for the issuance of the national identity card after more than 40 years. “This irreversible process will come to a successful conclusion according to the timetable published by the CENI with the holding of presidential, national and provincial legislative elections on December 20th, 2023, specifying that the government is fully committed to supporting the central electoral body. He called on the population having reached the age of majority to enlist massively in order to exercise their physical right to elect their leaders on the scheduled date,” noted Mr. Muyaya.

A message from the government to Felix Tshisekedi

Jean Michel Sama Lukonde presented, on behalf of all members of the government, wishes for health, happiness, prosperity and longevity to the President of the Republic on the occasion of the end of year festivities and the New Year 2023. He also took this opportunity to congratulate President Tshisekedi for the diplomatic victories recorded in recent days, in particular the end of the notification regime on the purchase of arms and the subsequent condemnation of Rwanda, an aggressor country. To close, the Prime Minister reaffirmed the government’s determination to hold the meeting of the 9th Francophone Games scheduled for Kinshasa in August 2023 and in the same spirit with regard to the Pope’s arrival, he instructed the members of the government concerned to redouble their efforts to ensure that all the necessary arrangements are made for the smooth running of these Games.