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End-of-year festivities: celebration of New Year’s Eve with the family in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, January 2rd, 2023 (CPA).- New Year’s Eve was celebrated with the family in several households in the city of Kinshasa, CPA noted on Sunday, during a round.  “We celebrated as a family to avoid further expenses. The end of the year and New Year celebrations have already cost us dearly.

We had to borrow money to meet the children’s needs, especially with the purchase of clothes,” said a father. But on the contrary, it allows family members to gather around a table to discuss and assess what the year 2022 was like in order to set new perspectives for the year 2023.

For the secretary general of the Association of Strong Women, Magalie Magano, the families who got together to spend the holidays got off to a bad start to the year. She invited Congolese families to appropriate the entrepreneurial culture by creating several production units so as not to fall back into the same situation.

The streets of Kinshasa invaded by the population

The streets of the city of Kinshasa were invaded by people from Kinshasa during the celebration of the New Year party. In the Plateau 2, Cogelos, Kindele and Kimwenza districts in the commune of Mont-Ngafula, a good atmosphere prevails.

« I came to the photo studio to take some cards in memory of the New Year party, » said Mr. Nestor Nsinga, a resident of the Cogelos district.

Ages vary between 5 and 23 years, alone or in a group that went to different festive places, including bars, terraces and cultural spaces.

« I received several customers today in relation to the Christmas party and I am delighted, » said Mr. Glody Makunzi, head of the « Image d’Afrique » photo agency.

In some streets of the town N’djili, it was observed a moderation in the setting of the sound of the music in particular at the place called « Corridor Kimbuta » where the music was played at a low intensity. However, some people in the city took the opportunity to indulge in rowdiness, noise pollution and other immoral excesses.

Timid traffic the day after the party

Traffic was shy the day after the New Year party, in the streets of the city of Kinshasa. At the bus stops, people were to be counted, unlike at the end of December when the crowds were observed in the various stops because of the mobility of people from Kinshasa and Kinshasa towards the city center to obtain various articles, in particular clothes, food, toys for children and others.

The price of public transport is also revised downwards for lack of customers; in particular in district 1 in the municipality of N’djili, on the boulevard of June 30 in the municipality of Gombe, has gone from CDF 2,000 to CDF 1,000, from Petit Pont Bandal to the Town Hall from CDF 1,000 to CDF 500.

Some public transport drivers have reserved work, thus causing the scarcity of transport on certain lines and favouring the fluidity of traffic in several arteries of the city where traffic jams were observed throughout the day.

I do more hours from district 1 to downtown Kinshasa. But today I only do 30 minutes, the traffic is fluid, ”testified a worker.

Questioned by CPA, some Kinshasa residents raised the need to review the city’s urbanization plan by creating local markets and relocating certain State services to other municipalities in order to facilitate the traffic. ACP/

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