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For the supervision of painters-draughtsmen of the Tshopo

Kisangani, January 7th, 2023 (CPA).-  The provincial president of artists designers, decorators and filmmakers of Tshopo, Henri Soku pleaded, Wednesday, with the governor of the province, Me Madeleine Nikomba Sabangu, for the creation of a supervision and training center for these artists.

It was during a drawing competition organized by the provincial government on the sidelines of the commemorative day of the martyrs of independence, through the provincial ministry of Culture and the arts, an activity in which painters and designers from Kisangani, where the latter was recruited as president of the jury.

The governor of the province of Tshopo, Me Madeleine Nikomba Sabangu recognized that her province does not have an art school but is full of talent. As a result, she promised the president of the artists-draughtsmen and painters of the Tshopo, the organization of such exercises to promote artists in all fields, before materializing the promise of the construction of a training center at the intention of the artists of the Tshopo.

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