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Bld Lumumba and Avenue de la Liberation in the Pope’s itinerary

Kinshasa, january 23th, 2023 (CPA).- Bld Lumumba and Avenue de la Liberation feature in the chosen itinerary, for the reception of Pope Francis on his arrival, on January 31, in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the route published, by the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, CPA learned on Monday in a press release.

 “The faithful of the parishes of Saint Eugene, Saint Jacques, Saint Martha and Saint Matthew will be placed in front of the international airport of N’djili to the valley. From the valley to the N’djili River, it is the site where the faithful of the parishes of Saint Marc, Saint Frederic, Saint Kibuka and Sainte Therese will be positioned to give an ovation to the passage of the sovereign pontiff, “says the press release from the centre. Interdiocesan, signed by Father Alois Konde.

The source pointed out that the section of Lumumba Boulevard between the N’djili River and the Limete interchange is the site reserved for the faithful of Saint Alphonse and Saint Kizito parishes.

“The people of Kinshasa who frequent the Nodasa, Saint Augustin, Saint Noe Mawagali and Saint Esprit deaneries are called upon to line up along the section of boulevard Lumumba between Échangeur and 7ème rue Limete. The faithful of the Saint Gabriel deanery are, for their part, called to line up along the space located between 7th street and the parish of Saint Raphael. Those of the Saint Joseph and Saint Antoine de Padua deaneries will be placed on the road section between Saint Raphael and the Boulevard Triomphal,” explains the same source.

In addition, the route reserved for the faithful of the deaneries of Saint Pierre, Saint François, Saint Cyprien, Nodagra, Saint Sacrement and Saint Léonard is the one between the People’s Palace and the former Mandela roundabout.

“The last welcoming route to the sovereign pontiff is the one between the old Mandela roundabout and the apostolic nunciature. This is where the faithful of the Sacred Heart, Saint Anne, Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Fatima parishes will be placed,” the document concludes.  CPA/

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