CHAN 2022: Otis Ngoma blames Congolese football leaders for his failure


 Kinshasa, january 23th, 2023 (CPA).- The DRC Leopards A’ coach, Otis Ngoma Kondi, attributed the responsibility for his bitter and humiliating failure at the 7th  edition of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) Algeria 2022, to the all Congolese football leaders. He declared it on Sunday, in the corridors of the stadium of May 19th, 1956, in Annaba, after the defeat against Senegal (0-3), in the match of the 3rd and last day of group B.

“People think the problem is the coach, no. The problem is the organization of Congolese football which must be called into question, in particular by a good organization of the championship of the

National Football League (LINAFOOT)”

, he withdrew from any involvement. The Congolese technician, who does not mince words, says he has prepared the team with the means available: “We have done everything to have the best players in the DRC, but we have been overtaken by our opponents « , he clarified, saying that his team had not prepared well, yet on January 7 after the friendly victory against Libya, he had reassured public opinion by saying: “Now my team is ready for the competition. We will play to pass the first round first, and for the rest, we will negotiate match after match”.

And to justify himself, Otis Ngoma did not miss words: “Today, there are no more small teams; everyone works, only those who do not work believe that there are still small teams. Madagascar surprised the great Ghana. What counts today in football and in high-level sport in general is preparation. You prepare very well, you start very well. You don’t prepare very well, you will have problems along the way, even if you regularize certain details.

DRC: the most mediocre record of Leopards A ‘in  7 editions of CHAN

The Leopards A’ of the DRC have achieved the most mediocre record in  7 editions of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) of football, with regard to the statistics of the whole of this competition, according to the archives of CPA.

In 7 final phases of the CHAN, the DRC participated under the leadership of 3 different coaches who are Otis Ngoma Kondi (2022),  Jean Florent Ibenge Ikwange (2016 and 2020) and Jean Santos Muntubile Ndiela (2009, 2011 and 2014), for A total of 24 matches delivered.  Under the era of Otis Ngoma, the Congolese beasts returned empty-handed to the country, without the slightest goal scored and especially with their charge, 3 goals conceded in 3 matches, an average of 1 goal per game.  It is a negative balance for Otis Ngoma compared to Santos Muntubile and Jean Florent Ibenge.

For Santos Muntubile, the Leopards had delivered 13 matches in 3 editions (2009, 2011 and 2014) with 5 defeats, 2 draws and 6 wins, all crowned by the continental title in 2009, in Ivory Coast.  With Florent, the Congolese fauves in two editions (2016 and 2020) had delivered 10 matches with 2 defeats still against Cameroon, and 2 draws for a coronation in 2016.  CPA/