Finance: campaign to channel revenues generated by the Congolese National Police

From left to right, the DGRAD Director General and the Minister in charge of Finance

Kinshasa, January 25th, 2023 (CPA) – A campaign for the mobilisation and channelling of revenue from the payment of transactional fines resulting from road traffic offences generated by the Congolese National Police (PNC) to the Treasury through the General Directorate of Administrative, Judicial, Land and Participation Revenue (DGRAD) was launched on Monday in Kinshasa, the CPA learns from the Ministry in charge of Finance.

« From now on, through this campaign of mobilisation and channelling of revenues in accordance with the law, the payment of transactional fines following road traffic offences will no longer be done in the street, nor at the police station, but at the bank, on the basis of the collection notes of the General Directorate of Administrative, Judicial, Domain and Participation Revenues (DGRAD), » Finance Minister Nicolas Kazadi said.

« This reform, which aims to optimise the reform on digitalisation, will be operational from the second half of 2023, » said Nicolas Kazadi, while waiting for the progressive deployment of « LOGIRAD » within the PNC. « Also, remote sensing cameras will be installed on the public highway to stifle unethical behaviour, » he said.

While urging the PNC and DGRAD officers to show integrity and discipline, he promised to improve the living conditions of police officers in particular, through a pro-rata payment of production and this, in all transparency.

The Director General of DGRAD Jean Parfait Ntabala noted for his part, some priority actions such as the organization of an awareness campaign and popularization of good practices in terms of guarding through the media, the updating of the directory of all applicants in the city of Kinshasa as well as those of the entire national territory and the strict observance of the procedure for receiving public revenues.

He recommended the intensification of inspection missions on the respect of the procedure for the collection of transactional fines and other revenues generated by the PNC and the reinforcement of the deployment of LOGIRAD within the different authorisation centres of the Congolese national police for the digitalisation of the procedure for the collection of non-tax revenues. For him, the emphasis must be placed on the implementation at each level of all the recommendations and actions that will enable the government to meet or even exceed the assignments set in order to contribute significantly to the execution of the government’s action plan.