Plea from the residents of Funa for the extension of the demolition deadline


Kinshasa, January 24th, 2023 (CPA) – A plea for the extension of the deadline for the demolition of anarchic constructions erected on the banks of the Funa river, in the commune of Kalamu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was formulated on Tuesday by the occupants of this site, during a sit-in organised in front of the Kinshasa town hall.

 « We have been occupying this space since 1983 in the « Anciens combattants » housing estate. In this place, there was insecurity and banditry, but since our arrival, calm has been established and we live in peace.   It was only last Saturday that Governor Gentiny Ngobila came by to tell us that we would be evicted. We are shocked by this decision since this place houses many families estimated at about 7,000 people, including old people, widows and tenants, » said the head of the street of Rivière Avenue (which runs from Lumumba Boulevard to Bokassa Avenue), Mr. Basambi Albert.

« We have come to request the governor’s diligence in this situation. We need a site to settle. Yesterday, we submitted a memo recounting our history and today we have come to meet him in the hope of having a favourable outcome, » he said.

Kinshasa City Hall announced in a press release the demolition of the anarchic constructions along Lumumba Boulevard to Bokasa Avenue behind the COMPLAST factory.