Sama Lukonde in Lubumbashi: the population called to take ownership of the electoral process

Prime Minister Sama Lukonde on his arrival in Lubumbashi

Lubumbashi, January 24th, 2023 (CPA) – The enrolment scheduled for this Wednesday, for the second operational area (AO2), and the call of the population of Lubumbashi to appropriate the electoral process in progress in the Democratic Republic of Congo, are among the objectives of the stay, since Tuesday, of Prime Minister Sama Lukonde in the capital of Haut-Katanga.

 « As it will be launched tomorrow, in this second zone, the enrolment and identification of our population, it will be an opportunity for me, with all the local authorities, to make an appeal for the ownership of the electoral process. We are very happy to set foot on this soil of Lubumbashi. We are going to bring our message not only in the framework of the popular meeting we are going to have, but also with all the authorities on the spot, » said the Prime Minister on his arrival in Lubumbashi.

The Head of Government, who will also enrol on this occasion, according to an official source, is accompanied by the Minister of State, Minister of Territorial Development, Guy Loando, the Ministers of PT-NTIC, Augustin Kibassa, Digital, Désiré Chashmir Kolongele, Water Resources and Electricity, Olivier Mwenze, Scientific Research, José Panda, and Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya.

He was greeted as he got off the plane at Luano airport by the governor of Haut-Katanga, Jacques Kyabula Katwe, surrounded by all the local dignitaries.

The operation of identification and enrolment of voters for the second operational area, it is recalled, runs from January 25th to February 23rd, 2023, according to the calendar of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

In total, 9 provinces of the DRC are part of this second operational area, namely: Haut-Katanga, Haut-Lomami, Kasai, Kasai Central, Kasai Oriental, Lomami, Lualaba, Sankuru and Tanganyika. Three foreign countries are also part of the AO2. These are South Africa, Belgium and France.

UDPS celebrates thanksgiving mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

The UDPS secretary general speaking at the mass

A mass of thanksgiving was celebrated on Tuesday, at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Kinshasa, on the occasion of the 4 years of mandate of the Head of State, Felix Antoine Tshisekedi.

« We organised this thanksgiving service to thank God for having kept the Head of State during his four years at the head of the country, » said Augustin Kabuya, secretary general of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), the presidential party, and organiser of the mass.

He also expressed his satisfaction at the efforts made by the President of the Republic, « to put the country on track in several areas.

« I invite the Congolese population to renew their confidence in the Head of State for a second term in the upcoming elections, by enrolling massively, and I also urge them to sense of responsibility, » said, for his part, the provincial deputy, Jerry Dikala.

This mass of thanksgiving was attended by several political and administrative authorities, as well as deputies and senators, it was reported.