The political party « Patriot for the development of Congo » will soon leave the country

The president of the political party "PADECO" with its members

Kinshasa, January 24th, 2023 (CPA) – The political party « Patriot for the development of Congo » (PADECO) of the deputy quaestor of the National Assembly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean-Pierre Kanefu, will be launched soon in Kinshasa, announced Monday its initiator, during a meeting he held at Everest hotel in the town of Kinshasa.

« It is a preparatory meeting for the launch of our party. We have gathered, today, the core of our members for the last strategies and remove the last obstacles, » he said.

According to him, this new political formation that he is about to present to the Congolese people is meant to be a pronounced anchorage in the Sacred Union of the nation, social democracy as an ideology, the democratic conquest of state power, the defence and respect of the laws of the country, the avant-gardism and mass actions for the defence of the vital interests of the country, the unwavering support to President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi for a final and uncompromising victory in the conquest of his second term at the supreme magistracy of the country.

« We have as our motto: Work, justice and development. The PADECO, whose official launch will not be long in view of the political stakes of the moment, is waiting to launch itself into the Congolese political arena and win with all its militants the great battle of its existence and political survival in an environment reputed to be hostile but fertile », he stressed.

Moreover, he stressed that it remains to set the date of the official release before starting the mobilization and national implementation to win the great battles alongside the Head of State in the upcoming elections.