War in the East: The army repels an M23 offensive in Kichanga

Lieutenant Colonel Guillaume Ndjike

Goma, January 24th,  2023 (CPA) – The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) repelled, on Tuesday, an offensive of M23 terrorists in Kichanga, in Masisi in North Kivu, said the spokesman of this operational area, during an interview the same day with the CPA.

« The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo have just demonstrated their bravery by routing the Rwandan army and its allies, the M23 rebels, who tried once again to attack the positions of the loyalist army in the area of Kichanga, in the territory of Masisi, » said the spokesman of the operational sector Sokola 2/North Kivu, Lieutenant Colonel Guillaume Ndjike.

« The enemy attacked the positions held by the loyalist army in order to cut the Goma-Masisi-Nyanzale-Kibirizi road, the only section linking the capital to the northern part of the province, » he said.

« We confirm that there have been clashes in several positions of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, but all we can say for the moment is that the loyalist forces are doing very well on the ground, and that the Rwandan army and its allies are being routed, » said the lieutenant-colonel, reassuring that « the regular army controls the entire Kichanga area and continues to contain the enemy in its initial positions.

« It is still too early to speak of any results but at least we reassure the population that our entire area of responsibility is under the control of loyalist forces and that the enemy has only suffered the firepower of the FARDC, » concluded Lieutenant Colonel Ndjike, adding that the Goma-Kichanga-Nyanzale road remains under the control of the loyalist army.

Regarding the localities of Kishishe and Bambo, Lieutenant-Colonel Guillaume Ndjike affirmed that « fighting is ongoing, and that the commander of the Sukola II operations is staying in the Kichanga area, to supervise the actions of the troops at the front line ».

On the subject of the unrest observed in the population of Kichanga and its surroundings, the military spokesman of the army in North Kivu reassured that everything has returned to normal.

« At the level of other front lines, there is a lull, except for the Kichanga axis where the army is containing the enemy’s attempts, » he said.