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More Rwandan officers in all DRC-based regional mechanisms

Kinshasa, February 1st, 202 3(CPA).-The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in reaction to Rwanda’s persistence in maintaining its aggression under the cover of the M23, has decided, in a communiqué received by the CPA on Tuesday, to return to that country all its officers operating in the sub-region’s peacekeeping mechanisms.

« For security reasons, the Democratic Republic of Congo has enjoined the commander of the Regional Force of East African States to repatriate to their country the Rwandan officers who are members of the Force Headquarters based in Goma, » the statement signed by FARDC spokesman Major General Sylvain Ekenge notes.

The document also states that these officers have already left Congolese soil to return to their homeland, Rwanda. In reaction to this decision by the DRC, « Rwanda has recalled all its officers from all regional mechanisms based in the DRC, » the text concludes.

During the last ceremony of exchange of greetings with the diplomatic corps accredited in the DRC, Monday at the Palace of the Nation, the Congolese Head of State took to witness the representatives of the international community by denouncing, « for the umpteenth time, the aggression that continues to undergo the DRC from its neighbours, including Rwanda, which supports the rebel movement of M23.

He also took the opportunity to castigate « the complacent behaviour of the international community towards Rwanda, which supports the M23 terrorist movement that continues to attack the DRC in North Kivu.

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