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Kibali gold mining moves on to implement projects for the benefit of local communities

Durba, February 2rd, 2023 (CPA).- The projects retained in the specifications of the company Kibali gold mining in March 2022 in favour of local communities in the province of Haut-Uélé, in the Democratic Republic of Congo were officially launched last Tuesday with a view to their materialisation, the CPA learnt on Thursday from this company.

« On behalf of the management of Kibali gold mining, I am launching a vibrant appeal to all traditional leaders, to our authorities at provincial and local level, to the representatives of the local development committees, to support this initiative that we are solemnly launching today. We remind everyone that the approach to the implementation of the draft specifications is one that enshrines the integration of the community in the implementation of the said project, » said Raoul Sadi, director of the social department of Kibali gold mines.

In his speech, the president of the provincial assembly of Haut-Uele, Afounde Afongenda Sumbu, welcomed the effectiveness of a long process whose ultimate goal is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the area and thus prepare the post-mine period before insisting on quality work with the companies that won the contract.

 « Looking in the rear-view mirror, from the beginning of the company’s existence to the present day, we are navigating positively in spite of certain misunderstandings that are always resolved. This day remains engraved, » said President Afounde Afongenda Sumbu. He called on entrepreneurs to take up the challenge of producing beautiful works by working with conscience.

« Do not build for money only, build for the interest of the community in a sustainable manner so that the future generation can experience what you have done today, and enjoy your existence, » he added.

« The activities took place in the multipurpose hall of Durba in the territory of Watsa in the Haut-Uele province, under the supervision of the president of the provincial assembly of Haut-Uele, as well as the administrators of the two territories of Watsa and Faradje, the heads of the decentralized territorial entities concerned, the managers of the execution companies that won the contract to execute the works, different social strata and other personalities.

The representative of the Kibali Company, the director of the social department Raoul Sadi, has on behalf of the company, called on companies and all stakeholders to accompany the implementation of these basic social infrastructures without which the community will not be able to know Progress.

It should be noted that the overall cost of the specifications signed between the communities and the company Kibali Gold Mines is worth eight million seven hundred and sixty-three thousand two hundred and fifty-eight US dollars (USD 8,763,258).

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