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Parliamentary practices at the heart of an exchange in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, February 2rd, 2023 (CPA).-The parliamentary practices was at the heart of an exchange within the political party « Biso Peuple » (We the People), between the Deputy Secretary General, Cedric Longomba and the candidate MPs, learned Thursday the CPA, in a release of this party.

« Aware of the electoral challenges ahead, the Biso Peuple party is not only sharpening its weapons to succeed in the democratic, free and transparent elections of 2023, but also to train its aspiring deputy candidates in parliamentary civic-mindedness, » the statement said.

The source said the meeting, which was organised under the initiative of the national president Sandrine Kaseka Nkola, was aimed at exchanging with aspiring national and provincial MPs in order to educate them on the role of an MP and his mission in parliament. « An MP is someone who does not play favourites. The deputation is not a position of honour, although MPs are called honourable. Rather, they are representatives of the people, whether at national or provincial level, » the source said.

« National MPs have a national mandate. Apart from the national representation, they have two missions: firstly, to control the executive and sanction it, and secondly, to legislate, that is to say, to conceive and draft laws, » the secretary general concluded.

BISO PEOPLE » is already in the provinces of Central Kongo, Central Kasai, Eastern Kasai, Kwilu, North Kivu, South Kivu and Equateur.

Ms Sandrine Kaseka Nkola has spared no effort to ensure that « BISO PEUPLE » is established throughout the city of Kinshasa. The inter-federal of this party has done a titanic job to establish « Biso peuple » in the four districts of the city of Kinshasa.

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