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Covid-19: Influencers involved in the fight against infodemia in Matadi

Matadi, March 6th, 2023, (CPA). – Influencers of Matadi in Central Kongo have been involved in the management of infodemia as part of the fight against Covid-19 through the Communication Task Force, the provincial head of communication and media division, Jean Marie Batomene Baku, told the CPA on Saturday.

« Their role is to pass positive messages to the community to correct false information spread on Covid-19, using all possible channels, » Batomene said.

Meetings will always be organised in favour of these influencers for good communication, assured the acting provincial head of communication and media division.

Among the influencers are journalists and comedians who have been trained at the WHO provincial headquarters in Matadi, he noted.

Infodemics are a wave of false and misleading information on social networks and search engines about a pandemic, it was recalled.


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