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On its 53rd anniversary, culture is at the heart of the Francophony project

Kinshasa, March 6th, 2023 (CPA).- The 53rd anniversary of the International Organisation of the Francophony (OIF) will be celebrated through the celebration of culture, according to the announcement made by the general delegation of this structure, during the launching, on Monday in Kinshasa, of activities related to this celebration in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ACP noted.

« This year, together, we have chosen to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the Francophony, during the period from March 6th to 31st, 2022, that is, more or less 30 days of sharing, remembering and discovering what is called « Month of the Francophony, 2023 edition », placed under the theme: « Culture at the heart of the Francophone project », said the general delegate, Prince Kangila.

« At 53 years of age, instead of falling into decline like some institutions, on the contrary, the OIF, with its ability to adapt to the perpetual global changes, is becoming more and more vigorous and prominent, » he stressed.

« Conceived as a cultural institution, the OIF has undergone significant changes by integrating into its sphere of intervention the political, economic and environmental dimensions, without forgetting cross-cutting actions, notably youth, equality, gender, and new information and communication technologies, » the general delegate noted.

Explaining the chosen theme, « Culture at the heart of the Francophone project », Prince Kangila, said that it is supported by the motto and charter of the Francophony.

« It is with this in mind that I invite you to take an active part in the activities of the Francophony which will take place throughout this month; it is also a way of encouraging our young people who need our accompaniment and support in all its forms, » he said.

For his part, the Minister in charge of Regional Integration and Francophony, Didier Mazenga, paid tribute to the President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, « for his commitment and determination to defend the Democratic Republic of Congo on all fronts at this very crucial time, when it is experiencing the aggression of its national territory by an OIF member state, « Rwanda », while this year 2023, DRC is focused on organizing the 9th Games of the Francophony.

OIF-DRC relations at a high level

« At this time when we are celebrating 53 years of the Francophony, allow me to remind you that the relations of multilateral cooperation between the International Organisation of the Francophony and the Democratic Republic of Congo extend over several aspects, » said the minister.

Didier Mazenga cited, in particular, the financing obtained in favour of scientific research in universities according to the protocol of agreement signed between the University of Kinshasa and the OIF, dated February 13th, 2023; the fund called « Francophony with them », dedicated to women of the Francophone space; the multiplicity of the Centres of reading and cultural animation (CLAC) as well as the 9th Games of Francophony which will be organised in Kinshasa, from July 28th to August 6th, 2023.

For a coherence of concrete actions

Recalling the speech made by President Tshisekedi to the diplomatic corps on February 15th, Bestine Kazadi, his personal representative at the Francophony, said that the latter « must be this framework allowing our country to be a real partner in the global defence of the French language, and in the expansion of the Congolese culture, in all its richness and diversity”.

The theme of the launching of the Francophony month activities in our country lends itself to pragmatic reflection. It is not simply a matter of making an observation on culture at the heart of the Francophone project, but rather of thinking and acting for the coordination and coherence of concrete actions to be carried out, in order to achieve the expected results according to the above-mentioned vision of the Head of State.

To this end, the contours of the Francophone project must first be clearly defined, and then a more important, realistic and achievable ambition must be built around culture as a lever of power.

To date, the OIF is a borderless space of 88 States and Governments, 54 of which are Member States, 28 of which are African. These 88 States and Governments make up almost half of the member countries of the United Nations, they are 300 million women and men throughout the world, linked by a common denominator, the French language, stressed Ms Kazadi.


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