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Sankuru: young girls made aware of the dangers of clandestine abortion

Lusambo, March 11th, 2023 (CPA). – Young girls of Lusambo, principal city of the province of Sankuru in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), have been made aware of the dangers of illegal abortion and early marriages, CPA learnt on Friday from the national deputy Maguy Kiala Bolenga Boleye, elected representative of the electoral district of Lusambo town.

The national deputy Maguy Kiala Bolenga

« This sensitisation is part of the celebration of the Women’s Month. It allows young girls and teenagers of the Sankuru chief town to become aware of this despicable act and to popularise the evils of abortions which could make a woman sterile for the rest of her life, » she said.

It is a question, for her, that women internalise good habits in this matter, pointing out that their primary mission is to give life and protect it. Maguy Kiala urged the girls of this urban entity to be wary of any act aimed at terminating a pregnancy and to devote themselves to studies in order to obtain a high rate of educated girls in this part of DRC.

She also promised that they would be taken care of in local universities, while advocating for equal work between men and women. CPA/

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